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Why It's Okay to Not Have the Perfect Words When Discussing Mental Health

When we think about #mentalhealth, we think about how to find the #rightword. I have seen my dear clients and even family or friends teared up when they tried and found no word to describe things or express how they feel. I feel for them. It seemed to me that the more we try, the more we cry!

Are we stuck in a loop? Well, the quick answer is YES! But we can definitely get out of it with some tips from experts.

  1. Language isn't always verbal. Language can be expressed through movement, facial expression, and artwork. What should we do when lack the words? We create art and be curious about it. #Arttherapy can be supportive for anyone who surpasses a language barrier to express themselves freely.

  2. Something is better than nothing. The most frustrating thing about discussing mental health is not about whether the words are perfect or not, but because of being quiet about it. When we don't say anything, we can't expect others to support us.

  3. People support you to find your words. Have you ever felt the pressure of finding the right or perfect words in discussing mental health is coming from within? People who love and care about us will never rush you into finding your perfect words. A lot of the time, they would just help you to explore and find your words.

  4. Mental health needs no perfect words. We are constantly evolving, and so do our emotions. When we discuss mental health related matters, we don't need perfect words. Perfect words do not exist in the mental health world. As Brené Brown explained, perfectionism is the enemy of empathy. To me, having empathy is the foundation for being open and reflective in talking about mental health.

How do we have a dialogue on specific topics with our loved ones?

We are lucky to have a bunch of mental health #enthusiasts share their collective knowledge or experiences when talking about mental health in Mandarin.

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