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Mixed Feelings in Holiday Season

Updated: Apr 27

Do you wonder how to feel joy and happiness during the holiday? I know we all want to feel all the "good feelings" such as love and care during this time since we are bombarded with all the commercials of people celebrating with get-togethers and gifts. But have you wondered why should we feel certain feelings but not others? How is that possible?

I have heard my clients asking, "How should I feel during this time? I just don't feel that much joy." I would be curious about my client's life experiences and self-acceptance levels. Let me break it down for you.

  1. Allowing you to feel the full range of emotions.

  1. Remind yourself your feelings are yours.

  2. People are "grieving" in different ways.

  3. Growth is multidimensional, not linear.

  4. Celebrate yourself in your own way.

You deserve to be celebrated!

If you know anyone who might be benefiting from a community space to externalize stress, express emotions through art-making, and find a community. Please refer them to me or call Sierra Vista Park Community Center "Monterey Park Resiliency Center" at 626-609-3399. We speak Cantonese and Mandarin too!

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